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Other than the fact that all I've been doing this new year is play video games I haven't played since Middle School, there's not much new about this year >\

I going to try to "level up" on my drawing abilities in digital art, but since I am limited by only having MS Paint there's not much I can do. My tablet is having deep feels and wants me to buy a new art program, but I hate buying anything that costs over $16. Because if something is over $16 than it's not worth buying. That's my motto.
If there are any suggestions on an art program that is easy to use and cheap, please tell me in the comments area. That would be very helpful of you. :heart:

My new year resolution is to start drinking darker coffee. I add way too much sugar and milk. That's a heart attack waiting to happen.
Right now I've gone way down on the milk I add to my coffee, but the less sugar I put in it the worse my coffee tastes, but baby steps; I'll be drinking darker coffee in no time.

That's all I have to say..... May the force be with you.
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Kaletic Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Student Digital Artist
im trying to "level up" in my drawings too
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